Karel Hadermann


You feel art. You learn science.


Science tries to explain. Art doesn't do that. Art is not about explanations. but for inspiration. Art is there to make people understand what a beautiful world we live in. (Henry Moore)

A work of art is not created by thinking lofty thoughts or experiencing deep feelings (although these are the raw material) but by intelligence, skill, taste, proportions, knowledge, discipline and diligence; especially through discipline (Evelyn Waugh)

My artistic ‘heroes’ are not so much the classic, renowned artists like Rubens, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, or Monet but contemporary artists that give figurative art a new élan and put it back at its righteous place between the often overvalued abstract avant-garde.  Some names: Bruno Walpot, Michaël Borremans, Sam Dillemans, Antony Gormley, Jenny Saville, Gehard Demetz, H. Craig Hanna, Jenny Morgan, Jason Shawn Alexander, Cindy Wright, Lucian Freud, Filip Sterckx, Juan Bautista Nieto,…


° 29 January 1960, Antwerp, Belgium

Karel is  the son and grandson of professional artists.  He grew up in artists’ studios between the smell of turpentine and oil paint.  So he learned to draw from his early childhood days on.  As a result, he was initially not really interested in an artistic career and became a biologist.

But it is impossible to escape from a genetic predestination.

Although his interest in art never completely disappeared, Karel only began to fully devote himself to art at the age of 30. Initially, under the encouragement of his father, his attention focused mainly on drawing as the necessary basis for all visual art forms. But today 3D images dominate his artistic production.

From a strictly educational viewpoint Karel is an autodidact.
But the simple fact that he grew up between painters and sculptors in artists’ studios makes his artistic education very similar to that of the old masters, who also spend their youth in exactly the same environment.

Interesting detail : Karel Hadermann has the same anomaly as Leonardo da Vinci.  Mirror writing  is for him much easier than ‘normal’ writing.

I hope you'll enjoy my works of art